Different Religions Being Practiced in The Unite States Essay

Different Religions Being Practiced in The Unite States Essay

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As far as mankind’s history can date, religion has had quite an intimate relationship with people. Although maybe it hasn’t always been identified in the same way as we identify religion today, spread across the world we have the remains of pyramids, temples, and even written in ancient texts from centuries ago dedicated to god, to the afterlife, to what lies on the other side. And up to today’s times, religion has grown along with man.
In the United States we can find religion all across the country and it’s as diverse as the people following them. I think that it is apparent that here in the US religion does simultaneously both divide people into distinct groups and unite them by giving us some common ground to be able to relate to with one another.
Here in the US we have several different religions being practiced everyday: like Zoroastrianism, Shinto, Muslim, Buddhism, Hinduism, and as well as Judaism and Christianity and even newer beliefs like scientology. Religion is a very important thing to people because it helps us find answers to some very difficult questions, namely what are we and why are we here. This is very important itself because knowing who we are is the basis of our beliefs and the foundation to everything that we do. (Neusner, 2009)
As children we are born with a natural curiosity that pulls us out into the world. Going out and experiencing new things, seeing different environments; like the first time you see the ocean or snow or the Grand Canyon, it adds to the world that we know and changes our perspective on it with each new thing. But if we reflect upon it and ask what is the ocean? Or what is it that gives us life and makes us so different from a rock. These are questions which cannot be easily answ...

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...stake of the disturbed population of terrorists who claim themselves as Muslims. Whereas Islam clearly states that one who kills innocent people for no reason does not remain a Muslim anymore. However since not many Americans know that and since they had all that hatred of the terrorist activities they probably were not in the state of understanding the reasons.
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