Different Positions For My Business Essay

Different Positions For My Business Essay

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I had created three different positions for my business two of the jobs are more related to each other, because they are both photographer positions. I would put ads up in the downtown area, try to find some local coffee shops in the area that I could advertise in. Those areas always have galleries, studios, and little unique shops and tend to be more artsy shopping areas. I may place the ads for the assistant in the same places as the other two because I want them to have photography knowledge, but I would probably also place the ad on college campuses in the area. The campuses signs would be put up near the art department area as well as the office area. These areas are preferred instead of locations such as grocery stores or shopping centers, because that 's where my target market falls. I would also consider for all positions putting an ad an online site such as monster.com or one of those types of site geared for photographers.
Some of the hiring questions that I would use for all people I was thinking about hiring are; Do you have any previous studio experience, if so what type? What is your experience working with DSLR cameras? Have you ever worked in a darkroom before? What is your work availability? What is your favorite subject to shoot? Are you comfortable helping a customer with questions about photo packages and the in gallery artists? Explain a situation in which you have had to help a difficult customer? Those are all some of the questions that I feel would benefit me as and employer trying to hire someone.
There are many different training methods that are available, for my business a there are a couple different methods I believe would work for me. The first method is the Mentoring method, this can help a ne...

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...er that I would let them know how I thought they were doing and what they needed to improve. Then I feel it would be best to set a goal plan for them to work towards and improve the areas needed. The first review would be done within 90 days of hiring them, depending on their performance I would set another review for 90days to 6 months after that review it would be a year from the date they were hired. The criteria I would use varies for the job they are doing, All of them would be evaluated on how well they are doing at their job, do they arrive on time, haven 't missed to many days and if the work areas were clean. I would see if they had any customer complaints or praises. For the photographer position, the pictures they have taken for customer would be critiqued and given improvements where needed, I would look at the types of packages they were selling as well.

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