Essay on Different Philosophies Of Art And Art

Essay on Different Philosophies Of Art And Art

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Subsequent to the study of different philosophies of art, as well as completing projects asking for personal preference in art as well as objective “fine art,” a personal philosophy may, by necessity, include subjective and objective facets. In determining what fine art is, the quality of universality is important. There also does not have to be a traditional presentation of beauty for a work of art to be fine art. Contrary to R. G. Collingwood’s philosophy, for fine art the culture and setting in which art is created should not matter, because if art is universal and timeless, meaning endures outside of where and when it was created. Evaluation of art can be subjective, but fine art is universally appreciated regardless of understanding background, history, or the setting of its creation.
Knowing the background of an artist provides an additional mode to understand the motivation behind the work produced. It can create a bias in the evaluation of art, but can also add meaning. In the first instance, a picture drawn by a child of her family, scribbled with crayons on construction paper, would not be called fine art objectively. However, the child’s mother knows the intention of the girl, is aware of the home environment, and can gain enjoyment, if not from the art then from the mindset of the girl who produced the art. Personal background with art relates to John Dewey’s explanation of how art ought to be understood. In his discussion of Art as Experience, Dewey maintains that “to grasp the sources of esthetic experience it is . . . necessary to have recourse to animal life” (10). At a physical level, it is important to understand the environment, surroundings, and motivations in order to fully understand the meaning of a work....

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...raditional concept, is irrelevant to fine art. What is beautiful changes and is subjective, so the artist does not have to capture what is beautiful in the traditional sense, but rather an idea or concept that possesses merit. Art may not be beautiful but can still possess meaning, such as Da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa.” Though the subject itself may not be objectively pretty, capturing the expression and mystery makes the painting itself valuable and meaningful. Beauty in fine art is not a matter of the physical image as much as the expression, message, or emotion it incites. For that reason, beauty can be frightening or sad, as well as happy and peaceful. In fine art, the artist seeks not to capture the beauty of an object or item, but the feeling that viewing this brings. This is the concept of experiencing what the artist feels and thinks, beyond the physical work itself

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