Different Perspectives On Client Problems Essay

Different Perspectives On Client Problems Essay

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1. Define “whole” person.

A Whole person is based on his or her life experiences like family, friends, health, school, and work experience all of these work together to form a whole person.

2. In what ways can “client” can be defined.

A Client is someone who comes into a human service system with complicated things going on in their lives this can include psychological, cultural, financial, social, spiritual, and educational problems.

3. List the different perspectives on client problems.

Developmental Perspective, and the A Situational Perspective.

4. Why is it difficult to predict what clients will experience as problems?
The reason it is difficult is because each Client is different in a there own way. Not everyone is going to experience something in the same way as someone else. This also means that not everyone is going to respond to treatment or medication in the same way. For some, it may help them but for others, it may make their problems worse.
5. What are the factors that make clients reluctant to seek help?

There are many things that goes into a client seeking help out of the human service system. For some, it is because they realize they have a problem that they the help of a professional. For others, they need to be told by their family that they need to seek help. For others, they have safety needs and that’s why they seek help, or they have physical needs and know that without help they will not have any of the basic needs of life.

6. What happens if an individual does not develop at a particular stage?

If an individual does not develop in a particular stage it can cause many parts of their life to be harder to deal with then someone who is on track to go through the eight stages of the developmental p...

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...e involuntarily placed into the human service system are by schools, prisons, courts, marriage,counselors, protective services, and the juvinnal justice system.

19. What are the psychological costs of seeking help?

The cost of seeing a human service specialist is something that holds back many people from reviving help because they believe they are not able to afford this type of service. This allows them to have a put to continue to deny the fact that they actually need help.

20. Describe the reluctant client.

A reluctant client is someone who wants to protect their image as a person, and also in many ways just protect themselves. For many people, it is hard to open up to different people and allow them into your life. So to have to let someone in and then also admits you have problems and talk about them with someone is often not easy for many people.

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