Different Perspectives Of The Orthodox And The Revisionist Essay

Different Perspectives Of The Orthodox And The Revisionist Essay

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In this essay I will be illustrating a complex construct of the different perspectives of the orthodox and the revisionist to explain why the’ New Police’ was formed. This essay will also explain why the ‘’new police ‘’ was formed and what problems the new police were facing. I will also be reviewing different arguments for the new formation of the “new police”.

In 1829, sir Robert peel became home secretary when the first metropolitan police force was formed. The new police set a sequence of acts beginning with the metropolitan police act in 1829 and concluded with the county and borough police act 1856.Things relating to disorder and crimes in the society had an effect on society and the considerations of policing. From 1829, the surveys conducted by the government including the rising levels of crimes in the society were undertaken. Pending till 1829, the law enforcement had been requiring more work and enforcement in the police organization. Since the city of London was expanding during the 18th and 19th century, the entire problem of sustaining law and order in the city became a problem of public concern. From the article I gathered information which stated that ‘’there were 17 divisions, which had 4 inspectors and 144 constables each” in London. In the early history of the new police force, it was followed by the chief constables, politicians and other people who describe the police force as a logical and realistic improvement for a civilized society. From the beginning of the new formation of the ‘’new police’’ the quality of the new police was very poor, because of the discrimination, racism and police officers loosing their jobs due to some police officers being bias. By the 1837 the statics prove that only 93 of 171 of ...

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...country and maintain law and order in different capitals and cities and reduce crime rates in England and Wales.


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