Essay on Different Methods Of Quantitative Research

Essay on Different Methods Of Quantitative Research

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For this week’s assignment, we were instructed to identify different methods of quantitative research and how the tools can be used to accurately answer problems. In order to evaluate the effectiveness within the respect of management, I had to identify some studies that related to my career field. With respect to the business world and human resource management in general, I decided to focus on the younger generation of managers. There is a constant evolving world of change that drives success in the business world, with that said how are younger managers adapting?
Initially off personal interactions I have seen several younger managers struggle with the changes. My personal interactions are not enough to form quantitative research however, so I must use gathered statistics. For this topic, the organizational example will be centered around the study of generational responses to organizational change. This is extremely relevant to my career field as many college students are hired as interns and then quickly become managers. Finally, after reviewing the quantitative research; I will discuss what I envision as the way forward.
In order to understand the quantitative research process, we should know a little about it. Quantitative research is all about a numbers game, statistics and mathematical answers to questions. With regards to the business world, everything is about numbers so it would seem that most research would come from the quantitative research method. This research is compiled through several different means such as questionnaires or surveys. Think about this for a second, it is estimated that business within the Unites States spent around $189 billion dollars in 2015 on total media marketing. (2014, December)
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...employee involvement is critical for preparing employees for change initiatives. There are no signs that the increasing rate of organizational change is slowing (Kotter, 2002). Therefore, there is a need for additional research on leaders ' personal experience with organizational change across the United States. (Bourne, B, 2015)
In my opinion, I truly believe that the constant evolving changes will continue to pick up speed as the business world competes within itself and across the globe. This research document showed how quantitative data is used to evaluate issues going on in different sectors of the world. For human resource managers and business managers, I think that the revamped training that new employees receive will be key. It will not only lay out the expectations, but could allow for innovative ways to announce change coming to particular organizations.

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