The Different Levels Of Interpretation Essay

The Different Levels Of Interpretation Essay

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Mohannad Abuhussain
March 1, 2016
Professor. Robert Koerpel

Genesis 3: (1-7) the Different Levels of Interpretation

There are more than two different levels of biblical interpretation; however in this paper I am going to be focus in two of them which are historical-literal and theological-spiritual. In Genesis 3: 1-7, "The Fall of Man" shows something happen that forever changes our world. Before the beginning of chapter 3, the end of chapter 2 explains the relationship between the Lord, Adam, and his wife Eve. In contrast, in Genesis 3, there was a sin that changed the world we live in recently. Religious scholars and theologians have debated over whether it is the devil or a choice to guilt that led all humans to be sinful on this earth. In fact, Augustine believes that there is no evil to be afraid of, explaining that it was a human choice, to sin, that they chose to do so. On the other hand, the Manicheans believe that all material beings are evil, and God is a good spiritual being. Whatever God makes, everything is good as He makes it. Therefore, there are historical-literal approaches to interpreting Genesis 3: 1-7, such as ancient Near Eastern understandings of shame and "Satan," which can be contrasted to theological-spiritual approaches like the ones Augustine outlines in his commentary.
This level of translation is concerned about comprehension the truths about God, God 's connection to the world, and those truths fundamental for salvation as they are communicated in the Bible; in addition, it includes looking at the allegorical and typical articulations of Scripture and how they imply past the strict level a more profound truth and otherworldly reality about God and God 's relationship to the world. Augusti...

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...d with serpents, (that is the fertility cults); they will only cause trouble, as they did for the first man and woman” (Collegeville Commentary, p: 43). I basically understand that Lord God wanted to show an example that is fairly everybody is going to believe by using serpent.
The Bible has inspired many people. They interpret the biblical words in two different levels. The first level is the historical-literal level changes the interpretations during each decade. The second is the theological-spiritual level interprets God 's words based on the symbols and characters that are formed in the Bible. There are two different approaches to the Bible that were interpreted from the actual meaning of the biblical words. The ancient Near Eastern understanding of shame and "Satan" is conflicting the theological-spiritual approach like the ones in St. Augustine 's commentary.

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