Different Kinds Of Teaching Styles Essay

Different Kinds Of Teaching Styles Essay

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Having different teaching styles are very important when instructing physical education to all the different ways students learn. Physical education is one of the most important classes because of the obesity factor throughout America today and if you can not motivate students to enjoy the game you are not doing you job right.
There are many different kinds of teaching styles but for physical education the most important styles are direct, indirect, and interactive teaching styles. Each teaching style is used to help give a different perspective in the class and to allow different types of strategies to learn the technique in different ways. For direct teaching style, this is a more teacher centered style to allow the teacher to keep the group on task and learning the material his or her way. For indirect teaching style, this is a more student centered style that will allow you as the teacher to view the students in another perspective seeing how they work together and teach each other. As for interactive this is a more for the teacher to see how students brain storm and question/answer situation to see how they do things as simple and fast as they can.
The first teaching style is direct teaching styles. There are also many types of teacher centered styles such as command, practice, and self check styles. This allows a teacher to have different types of teacher centered styles to have the students under his or her control.
The first type of teacher centered style is command style. Command style allows the teacher to have all the students watch him or her while they demonstrate the proper techniques and then have all students in separate areas to all do the technique demonstrated at once while the teacher watches it. This is t...

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...ifference is there is more brainstorming needed to answer the problem.
An example of this is when the teacher asks how can one student in your group get to the other side of the gym without touching the ground. Students would need to work together and think about the problem, such as not touching the floor and get to the other side, and think of an answer for that scenario.
Knowing that all these teaching styles can help guide you to motivate students of all different learning levels that you will encounter during your physical education class, you need to be able to know many style and know them correctly to be able to get students to be active. When put into a situation where students aren 't agreeing with the way you are teaching, teachers need to be able to adapt and become more efficient so students want to learn.

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