Essay about Different Kinds Of Situations From A Teacher 's Standpoint

Essay about Different Kinds Of Situations From A Teacher 's Standpoint

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Coming into this class, I figured we would learn about how to handle different kinds of situations from a teacher’s standpoint. As it turns out, the class is much more than just that. I figured there would be group discussions consisting of some controversial issues, but I had no idea how the course would make me feel as a person and as a future educator. So far, this class has brought to light the incredibly difficult decisions I will have to make as a teacher. Not only will those decisions affect the child and parents of that child at hand, but myself as well.
Being asked to write a personal story for each week has really guided my learning in the sense that I realized these problems such as social class, race and ethnicity, and gender take a toll on everyone. They do not pick favorites. I have come to the conclusion that people of all ages have endured some type of experience where they have felt belittled or discriminated against for one of the above named issues. Being someone that comes from a lower-class family, I also know that some of my classmates come from the complete opposite side of the spectrum. It did not take long to notice how awkward and uncomfortable it is to sit and talk about where I stood on the matter. However, discussing it with peers who do not have the same perspective as me was, in itself, a lesson to be learned. I saw people were struggling in the same way that I was even though they came from families with money; some, even drowning in debt. Week one, Micah shared his story about his late father and how their socioeconomic status claimed his fate, and in week two, Abby Cleary shared her story on driving a minivan to school everyday and not knowing that her family did not have the money to provide her...

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...e we all know, things are much easier said than done.
So far, I would give myself a ten out of fifteen. I do get all of my assignments done and turned in on time; however, I think I could become more active in my thinking process. I would like to dig a little deeper into each issue and really test if what I believe is backed up. I obviously am hoping to bring this up to a fifteen out of fifteen, and in order to accomplish that, I need to stay on top of things, challenge my thinking and enable myself to see things from all angles. I have contributed my complex thinking to my groups every week, but I am not always the first to call out what I think in front of the entire class, which I believe is something that I should work on because maybe someone else is thinking the same thing and if I say what is on my mind, maybe they will too, which is means for good conversing.

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