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Different Kinds Of Intimate Relationships Essays

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There are many different kinds of intimate relationships that people partake in, marriage being one of them. Most people think of marriage as one thing: a socially approved union between two people, mainly a man and a woman. Marriage nowadays can mean includes different kinds of relationships, such as; same-sex couples and common law unions. In the past, arranged marriages were the norm of how a marriage would work but today it’s more about free-choice of who your partner is going to be. Arranged marriages weren’t about free-choice of who you want to marry but, unlike marriages in today’s society.
In arranged marriages, the two that were to get married normally had no say in who they were going to marry. The decision of who people were going to marry was decided by parents or kin. Arranged marriages weren’t based on the couple’s love for each other but on the needs, benefits or desires of the couple’s relatives. (McDaniel & Tepperman, 2011) There are many different functions that an arranged marriage has. Some of these functions are; allowing an extension of family property, providing an opportunity to strengthen the kinship group and it gives parents or relatives control over the family members. An arranged marriage is seen more as a public tie between the two families rather than a private union between the couple who are getting married. (Flanigan, 2000) There are many different factors that the parents or kin take into consideration when they are trying to find someone for their son or daughter to marry. They take into consideration; the reputation of the family, the wealth of the family, what the person does for a living, their appearance, what religion they believe in and what values they hold. (Zuffoletti, 2007) In some ar...

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... with. Homogamy, the idea that people marry someone with the same interests, age range, religious beliefs, education, or status, makes it so people normally choose a person similar to themselves. People who come from poverty will more than likely not marry someone with lots of money and vice versa. There are still constraints about who will marry who, but it’s not about being told who to marry, but who you think will fit well with you. (McDaniel & Tepperman, 2011)
There are many different forms of unions, whether it be a heterosexual marriage, a same-sex marriage or a common-law union, that exist in today’s society. Today’s society is all about love and if the partner’s get along whereas in the past, marriages would be arranged by the relatives of the couples and it would be more about having an alliance between the families rather than a union between the partners.

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