Essay on Different Innovative Leadership Methods That I Found Thought Provoking

Essay on Different Innovative Leadership Methods That I Found Thought Provoking

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The following are three innovative leadership methods that I found thought provoking. I have shared with you, companies that are effectively using these methods in their organizations as well as a brief explanation of the methodology.

Endogenous Methods-Unlocking hidden strengths: Chris White, is the managing director of the Center for Positive Organizations at the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business. He considers that the best innovative leaders today are embracing unique ways to unlock employees’ hidden talents. The idea is to focus on building a relationship with employees in a manner that discovers their full capabilities. It has been demonstrated that a personal effort to enhance an employee’s skills benefits a company because employees have a greater sense of well-being and subsequently a stronger feeling of ownership over their work.

Whole Foods co-CEO, Walter Robb has scaled the Endogenous Method to his entire company. Whole Foods has modified the traditional three months’ probation period to include the team. For example, at the end of the three months’ probation, the team collectively votes on whether the leader / manager should keep the job or be let go. This method is cohesive in a social/team ideology because as a group, ownership and responsibility is built in to the foundation of the relationship employees have with their leader.

Giving a second change: I love this next idea, giving second chances! We have seen television programs where ex-cons are given a chance to upgrade their skills etc. However, away from the eyes of television and money making schemes that have a pseudo social justice entertainment slant, there are real companies that work in conjunction with and engage in social r...

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... is moving to streamline ideation, execution, and connecting all the elements of unstructured activities to drive new and creative innovation methods. I like the idea of more collaboration with employees and management and look forward to seeing more companies transitioning their traditional leadership styles.

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