Different Ideas to Help in Dealing with the Foreclosure Problem in America

Different Ideas to Help in Dealing with the Foreclosure Problem in America

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America, the land of opportunities, home of the brave, and freedom. The brave, along with everyone else, need just that, a home. Thanks to the recent economic crash a home is what many individuals and families do not have. A home is needed to survive and to have opportunities to flourish in this great land. A home, once taken away is just a house with a red for sale sign out on the front step. Home foreclosures need to stop. No one deserves to be kicked out of their home especially because this is all the banks fault to begin with. If the banks had not just handed out loans that were way over that amount that the person could ever afford, we would not be this deep in a financial mess. Banks handed out interest only loans where the homeowner only pays on interest every month and will never even make a payment on the actual amount of the home. This was irresponsible on the banks part and also on the homeowner that accepted the loans to begin with. They also encouraged people to take out loans on houses they could not afford using adjustable rate loans. The interest rate went up and people could not make the new payment. But, that is the past and there is nothing to be done about it now except to hopefully find a solution to the problems. There are always alternatives to foreclosing on people’s homes. We need to utilize these alternative methods to help everyone stay in their home. A reduced payment plan, reducing interest rates, and a financial planning class, provided by the bank, are three ideas that will be explained. These following ideas: a reduced payment plan, lowered interest rate, and a finical planning class, do have the potential to solve or at the very minimum be a step in the right direction to solving the fore...

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... revolve around owning their own home. An end is needed and hopefully it will arrive soon. I’m not sure how much longer this country can hold its head up above the water so to speak. I have just given three really good ideas to possibly help end or defer this foreclosure crisis. Granted just one of these ideas could help some families, but if they were all combined together and made to work with each other, I believe it is the winning ticket. A reduced payment plan with lowered interest rates would help out a lot. Then with a class that would help out the homeowners to manage their money in a productive manner would be a dynamite plan of action. This could stop the banging gavel of foreclose. Families would not be worrying about making the house payment, eventually making their last house payment and truly owning their own home and also the American Dream.

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