Different Hypothesis that Variation in Homelessness Essay

Different Hypothesis that Variation in Homelessness Essay

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In this article, Jennifer Mosley and Colleen Grogan, professors at The University of Chicago, concludes that the more public participation in administrative decision making in different urban areas is an important target in majority of public organizations. The author states that many public agencies develop different strategies on who should be able to participate in open decision making. The strategies determined how they will prevent different type of biases. Often leaders of the nonprofit organizations are asked to serve as representatives of the community in a variety of participatory processes. They came up with something called mixed-methods. Mixed-methods are used in order to address whether residents believe nonprofit organizations can play a legitimate representation. After doing that they discovered that the residents believed nonprofit organizations would make good representatives. In this article, John Quigley and Steven Raphael, professors at the University of California, concludes that changes in the institutionalization of the mentally ill, poverty, and increases in drug use and alcohol use have generally been believed that it made an increase of homelessness in the United States. According to the authors, this article gives an inclusive test of the different hypothesis that variations in homelessness appear from altered circumstances in the housing market and income distribution. They use almost all of the systematic information available on homelessness in the United States urban areas. Things such as shelter bed counts, census counts, administrative agency estimates, and records of transfer payments are used as data to estimate the outcomes of vacancies, housing prices, and etc. upon the incidence of homelessne...

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