Essay Different Groups Of People Within My Life

Essay Different Groups Of People Within My Life

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I believe that I appear different to different groups of people within my life. I think that I appear very shy and reserved to acquaintances, people “on the street,” and some friends. I also believe that these groups of people may judge be negatively for my physical appearance. These groups of people may think that I am a very private person or do not want to express the way that I feel around others. They may also think that I have a fear of speaking in public. Based on my quiet nature around people I barely know, others might believe that I am a nice person who would never do anything wrong. Throughout middle school and high school, I was seen as the person who others would go to for help with homework because they knew I would never say no. I feel as though others think I can be taken advantage of because I have a caring or reserved qualities. Some may believe that I am just rude and do not want to take part in some social situations. Although I can be very quiet when in social situations, it is not because I am trying to be rude or do not want to talk. It is very hard fo...

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