Essay on Different Forms Of Political Regimes

Essay on Different Forms Of Political Regimes

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Two different forms of political regimes that were dominant in Europe from the fifteen to the eighteenth century were the absolute monarchies and the constitutional monarchies and republics. “Struggles between monarchs and estates over the domain or rightful authority; peasant rebellions against the weight of excessive taxation and social obligation; the spread of trade, commerce and market relations; changes in technology, particularly military technology; the consolidation of national monarchies (notable in England, France, and Spain); the growing influence of Renaissance culture; religious strife and the challenge to the universal claims of Catholicism; the struggle between church and state all played a part” (Held, D. 1987. Pg. 56) According to Locke every man puts himself under an obligation to every one of that society, to make on body politic under one government. When men have agreed to make one community or government, they are incorporated in making one body politic where the majority has the right to act and conclude the rest. Once the man consents with others to make one body politic under one government, he puts himself under obligation to everyone in the society, to submits to the determination of the majority or else does not signify anything.
Locke’s social contract, understanding of the state of nature, and the manner in which a group of people form a body politic can be characterized by explaining; (a) what is the nature of Locke’s social contract, (b) what is the consent of the contract and what does it consist of, and (c) what happens when the contract is broken. In describing Locke’s social contract, understanding of the state of nature, and the manner in which a group of people form a body politic, I argue ...

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...uropean liberalism, which is that the government exists to secure the rights and liberties of citizens to ensure the maximum freedom of every citizen. “In most respects it was Locke’s rather than Hobbes’s views that helped lay the foundation for the development of liberalism and prepared the way for the tradition of popular representative government. Compared to Hobbes’s, Locke’s influence on the world of practical politics has been considerable”. (Held, D. Year. Pg. 65) For Hobbes state of nature, men are free, independent, and self-interested, as for Locke’s state of nature men are free, equal, and independent. Locke beyond Hobbes and argues that government must respect the rights of the individuals. While Locke agrees that individuals have the right to property in the state of nature, Hobbes denies that individuals have any duty to respect the property of others.

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