Different Forms Of Expressing Love Essay

Different Forms Of Expressing Love Essay

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What is the meaning of love? When we are born into this world, there are already those that love and adore us. One article defines it as “ a variety of different feelings and emotions, chemical brain states, and attitudes that ranges from interpersonal affection (“I love my mother”) to pleasure” (Lyons, “A Deeper Look”). “Love” is a unique and complicated neurological emotion which is very difficult to understand. It is just like hunger and thirst, but just more permanent. Many of us talk about love as if we have no control over it, as if it is blind, in the sense that it can’t be helped. Many artists and poets use the heart as a symbol that represents love, even though the truth is that it occurs in our brain. Unlike modern society, the older generations did not only use the word “love” to describe all the various emotions that go along with it. There are many different forms of expressing love. The three words, “I love you,” take on varying meanings to a friend, to a parent, or to a significant other.- In order to describe these forms, the Ancient Greeks invented four distinct words for love : agápe, éros, storge, and philía. These four are types of love that we experience in different stages in our lives.
Agápe is the ancient Greek word for the highest form of love. Not to be confused with philia love, it is not the type of love between a husband and wife or a brotherly love. It is more of a parental, sacrificial form of love. Of all the four types of love, this one is the most self-sacrificial and unconditional since it extends to those deserving and un deserving of receiving it. It is a self-giving love that sees beyond a person’s flaw, faults, and shortcomings. It also refers to a person sacrificing their whole life with ful...

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...n practice, and eating alone is seen as ‘socially awkward’. A common assumption that many people make of those who eat alone is that they are unhappy and lonely themselves, and this is definitely the case with Li-Young as he greatly loves and misses his late father.
Love is a strong rush of feelings in most people’s lives that involves compassion, warmth, and affection. Even though a lot of us may agree on the textbook definition of love, there is truly no way to accurately define the meaning of it for everyone in the world. A lot of people have a difficult time processing the intense feelings of ‘falling in love’ because everyone’s definition and experience of it is different. Many types of love exist and it is a wonderful thing when it happens, which is what the Greeks acknowledged and therefore created the four main kinds of love : agape, eros, philia, and storge.

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