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Different Elements Of Poetic Language Essay

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Whether it is poetry from William Shakespeare to Edgar Allan Poe, all poets use different elements of poetic language to present a message for their audience. Some believe that myths and allusions are important aspects of a well written to poem, while others do not think there is a reliance on these components. In the two poems, Social Notes II by Francis Reginald Scott and Poetry by Marianne Moore, they present the side where myths and allusions are not key for a strong poem. This is shown through clear and blunt arguments, being equally as express fully strong as a poem with myths and allusions, and the use of strong themes and motifs to present the poet’s point. While myths and allusions may have a role in poetry, they are not fundamental elements of poetic languages, where great poems can be written without the use of myths and allusions.

Poetry is about presenting an idea or statement which the poet wants to convey to the audience, so even with the lack of use of myths and allusions in poetry this message can still easily be understand by the audience. Scott’s poem Social Notes II shows this clearly, by being blunt and not using connotations where every word written is exactly how he wants it represented, “Nobody seems to have bothered/ To defend living standards.” (Scott Lines 44-45) is an example of this. Moore also demonstrates this bluntness with her unformal language stating “I, too, dislike it: there are things that are important beyond all this fiddle.” (Moore Line 1) By doing this the audience immediately understands what she has written and isn’t left picking through a myth or allusion for the message. Rather than using myths or allusions, Scott uses facts to aid his argument like “Operating at 25 per cent of capa...

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...an be/ “literalists of/ the imagination”” (Moore Lines 19-22) This true emotion allows her to draw in the reader and have them also be emotionally invested in the poem, Moore uses a lot of imagery to help build upon this, such as “Hands that can grasp, eyes/ that can dilate, hair that can rise” (Moore Lines 4-5) These two poems show how there is not a need for myth or allusions in order to present a strong message for the audience, rather the use of themes and imagery is simply enough for readers to understand what the poet is trying to say.

Myths and allusions can be useful in poems, however they are not fundamental elements of poetic language. Shown through the two poems, Social Notes II and Poetry, that poems without the use of myths and allusions can easily hold an argument, be equally as emotional and present a message by using themes and imagery instead.

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