Different Direct Instructional Approaches When Teaching Children Essay

Different Direct Instructional Approaches When Teaching Children Essay

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This video is about different direct instructional approaches when teaching children. Specifically teaching children to read. For example, in one approach children read aloud with the class and individually with the teacher. When the children are reading with the teacher they read a set paragraph and time it, and see how many errors they have, and each time they read the paragraph they try and improve and do better than the last time. The children don 't seem to worry about other children 's errors, they focus on improving themselves. In another approach the children listen to the teacher 's signals and say and spell the words she is instructing them to say as a group.

What did you like and not like about the instruction shown in the video? Why?
One thing that I liked about this video was seeing the different direct instructional approaches used to teach the children. One thing I did not like was there was not enough explanation of the pros and cons or the effectiveness of the approach.

Video 2: Sudbury Valley School Approach

Provide a summary for the video (minimum 100 words).
This video is about a different type of school called the Sudbury Valley school. In the Sudbury Valley school, children are allowed to do what they want while at school. If a child chooses to play video games or play outside or play music or study all day, they are allowed to do so, and not forced to do any work they do not want to do. The video Also focuses on a young man who was at the Sudbury Valley school and the experiences that he had. He talks about how in a way, even the years he was just playing video games or talking to his friends all day, he was learning and developing skill...

... middle of paper ...

...s 30 countries, it is definitely a successful and thriving program for young children.
What did you like and not like about the way children are learning shown in the video? Why?
I like this video because it shows how successful this approach to learning has been all across the world.
Lastly, write about what you have learned overall from these videos in a paragraph.

One thing that I learned from all of these videos is that there are so many different ways to learn. In my opinion these ways of learning could be more beneficial than the traditional way of learning that is largely used in the united states. Individualizing a child’s school work benefits them tremendously in not only their academic life, but life in general. Trying to find different ways to educate children in a way that accommodates their needs will increase their natural thirst for learning.

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