Different Cultures Can Influence The Views And The Value Or Marriage Essay

Different Cultures Can Influence The Views And The Value Or Marriage Essay

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Different cultures can influence the views and the value or marriage. What is marriage? By dictionary definition, marriage is “(broadly) any of the diverse forms of interpersonal union established in various parts of the world to form a familial bond that is recognized legally, religiously, or socially, granting the participating partners mutual conjugal rights and responsibilities” (Dictionary.com) However, this definition is only the top layer of the true meaning of marriage. In different cultures, there are different explanations of marriage.
In Eastern culture, because of the influence of collectivism, marriage is not only about love between spouses, but is more about the responsibility. That is, the responsibility of taking care of each other, their posterities and their families. In Eastern culture, marriage is not only about two people, but two families which get along. My parents were married for more than twenty years. They first date was after high school. They fell in love after their high school graduation party. Since then they firmly believe that this relationship would turn out to be a happy marriage. My mom ignored the opposition from her parents that my dad was not good enough for her. And they got married two years after they first fell in love. They both believed that they would love each other forever and ever. However, their relationship started to metamorphose into a responsibility few years after their marriage because they lost their passionate love of each other. This would happen mostly because of my brother and me. My parents were both grown up in traditional Eastern families, and this shaved their believes that they had to give the best to my brother and I, Because they put all their focus on us, this l...

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...cause impulsiveness, but rather a thoughtful decision that he wanted to do the thing he thought was right. Being supportive and understanding each other is very important in a marriage.
All in all, no matter how different cultures affects the views on marriage, rather in Eastern or Western culture, marriage is not only about love or about having babies. The more important factor that need to be considered in a marriage is how to get along with your love ones. Marriage is not only a life changing event, but rather a lifelong process between spouses and their children. In order to have a successful marriage, being supportive and understandable is relatively important. Also, married couples need to have common goal and share the similar belief of their lives. No matter which culture one is influenced by, these factors are always possibilities to make a happy marriage.

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