Essay about Different Components That Make Up One 's Leadership Style

Essay about Different Components That Make Up One 's Leadership Style

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Leadership Comparison
There are many components that make up one’s leadership style. These leadership components are unique to each individual and how each individual presents his or her self. The perception of whether or not an individual is a good leader is sometimes swayed because of their values or their ethical behavior. In general a leader is a person that has the skills to manage individuals and get these individuals to follow him or her. The text Developing Management Skills states “In order to be an effective manager, in other words, individuals must be competent in: (1) clan skills, or a focus on collaboration; (2) adhocracy skills, or the focus on creation; (3) market skills, or a focus on competition; and (4) hierarchy skills, or a focus on control” (Whetten & Cameron, 2014, p. 16).
Two individuals for comparison are Bill Gates and Bernard Ebbers. These two individuals come from different backgrounds but are both very successful in the leadership of their companies. The one major difference between the two is their life’s outcome. Bill Gates took his company, Microsoft to one of the world’s most profitable companies and retired to lead a life of philanthropy. While Bernard Ebbers also grew his company, WorldCom, to great success, his career ended with him being imprisoned for fraud. To accurately compare these two individuals, we must look at how they became the leaders they were at the time.
Bill Gates was born on October 28, 1955 in Seattle, Washington into an upper middle-class family. He was a very intelligent child and his parents entered him into Lakeside, a private school in Seattle. Gates enrolled into Harvard University where he planned to follow in his father’s footsteps and began studying law. H...

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...ates actually left Microsoft because he felt he could do more with his wealth by giving it to charity. Bill and his wife have opened up different foundations to support education, health, and low-income communities.
Every manager’s leadership style is different and individuals are able to use their strengths to lead employees. Bill Gates and Bernard Ebbers were two of the most powerful CEOs of their time. They became such great leaders by implementing a leadership style all their own. They were able to overcome the weaknesses of their leadership and expand on their strengths. What sets the leaders apart is what they do after they gain power and wealth. While Bernard Ebbers sole goal was to become wealthy and powerful, and do whatever it took to do that, Bill Gates used his leadership to also gain wealth and used his wealth to become a leading philanthropist.

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