Different Beliefs on Marriage Essay

Different Beliefs on Marriage Essay

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Due to my sister unplanned pregnancy, my parents forced my sister and her boyfriend to get married. Traditionally in Hmong culture, when a young couple have an unplanned pregnancy, the young couple will then be forced to get married regardless of age and race. It was a must. The guy wouldn’t stand a chance if he denied. The rhetorical sensitivity went wrong with communication because of different culture perspective on marriage. Every culture does not have the same belief on marriage and that’s where the problem was with both cultures.
Growing up, my parents were strict on my siblings and I, not just letting us hang outside of school but also dating. They didn’t believed that we kids should date until we finish college and have our bachelor degree. My older sister went against their words and got into a relationship during her senior year of high school. Beginning of her freshman year in college, she lived at the dorm. At the end of her first semester, she dropped out because of her unplanned pregnancy. She moved back in with us and my parents didn’t know anything until later. They found out that she was pregnant and told my sister to bring her boyfriend to the house to have a talked with them two. While at the meeting, my parents had told the boyfriend that in “Hmong culture, you have to take our daughter hand in marriage because that’s our tradition.” The boyfriend didn’t agreed and responded back, “that’s not my culture; I am an American and live in America. I don’t have to if I want to, as long as we both love each other.” My parents were shocked so they just left it like that.
With the misunderstanding of communication and different culture beliefs, the boyfriend should have understand where my culture was coming from. The...

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...ents tried their best going with the traditional rules but this coming generation is going to be different. My parents are way too closed minded and they need to be more open minded with the people that are around them. They grew up learning to be with their own race but generation after generation is changing. So they have to learn how to accept other race coming into their life’s.
At the end, things didn’t go the way both expected when talking to each other so they left the situation in the past and never brought it up again. Even though the communication went the opposite way for both of my parents and the boyfriend, they soon learned how to forget and forgive. The bond that my parents and the boyfriend have is in a good term which is good. Since the baby was born, the boyfriend takes responsibility and action of being a father so my parents are proud of him.

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