Different Aspects Of The Osteopathic Medicine Essay

Different Aspects Of The Osteopathic Medicine Essay

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Similar to most of the students, osteopathic medicine was still a stranger to me a few years ago, and was in fact astonished when I knew that there were actually two different physician titles, apparently M.D., and D.O. To satisfy my curiosity, I did several small researches about this two-lettered word D.O. and I learned that "doctor of osteopathic medicine treats the patient as a whole person." At that moment, I was confused because "all doctors treat the whole person, don 't they?"
By the time I am applying to medical school, I have found that the concise reply to that question is, "No." For me, explaining the dissimilarity between D.O. and M.D. is similar as explaining the difference between apple red and roses red to a man who has lost his vision. This comparison has generated interest in me and led me to decide to explore further about different aspects of the osteopathic medicine by volunteering. During my volunteering experience in some hospitals and clinics, I have observed that selfless physicians truly exist in real life, not just in our folktale that we have read. Despite the weather is hot or cold or the concern that they may be infected by the patient 's disease, these physicians always put patients before their self-interest. Dr. Chaudhry, a D.O. family practitioner at the John Peter Smith Health Center which serves economically disadvantaged communities in Arlington, is one example of those passionate physicians that I had a chance to meet. From Dr. Chaudhry, I learned what distinguished good doctors from great doctors. Good doctors can accurately diagnose a patient and prescribe the proper medication. Great doctors, however, can earn each patient 's trust. They serve both as a patient 's companion and caretaker, ...

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...ds and clothes, a free flu vaccination or a simple clinical examination seems to be common for an averaged-salary worker, but it can be the entire world to a poorly sick elder who could not afford for just a short doctor 's visit. As I believe that the medicine does not only emphasize on the physical treatment of a disease, it is also necessary to establish essential connections with others at both critical and noncritical moments in their lives. Meanwhile, I have witnessed the powerful impact of compassion, perseverance, and problem-solving skill on our society through volunteering; these valuable life elements will be the keys leading to the success of an osteopathic physician. Thanks to the volunteering opportunities, it confirmed and made me realized that pursuing my dream to become a physician is truly what I want to do, not just a curiosity like I have thought.

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