Essay on Different Aspects Of Research At An Introductory Level I Have Learned

Essay on Different Aspects Of Research At An Introductory Level I Have Learned

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At an introductory level I have learned many different aspects about research. I have been exposed to several methods and designs of research as well as its advantages and disadvantages that comes along with each method. I have also learned the most important part of research which is how to structure or begin a research. Before starting this course, I thought that research was just gathering information, but there are particular in-depth rules to formation a research that is properly found in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association. Research is summed up in a substantial amount of information and is utilized in just about everything that we do, see, or test as human beings, therefore, at the introductory level to research, I learned how to brainstorm topics and develop research questions in a clearly defined manner that is testable. After being introduced to the structure of research, I was exposed to the goals of psychological research. There are four goals of psychological research which are describe, explain, predict, and influence behavior and mental processes. The first goal is to describe behavior or mental processes, the second goal is to explain behavior or mental processes, the third goal is to predict behavior or mental processes and the last goal is to influence behavior or mental processes (Crawford, 2016). Following the goals of psychological research, I was introduced to the scientific method. Problem identification, hypothesis formation, collection of data, analysis of data, conclusion and reporting of findings are the six steps of the scientific method. To go a little further in depth about what I have learned about research at an introductory level, I know about differentiating among meth...

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...ignifying that a man of understand gains wisdom and from the research he gains understanding. From an introductory level to research I learned that research methods can be godly and ungodly as well. For example, research methods can be godly because they involve researchers to seek insight through information forming an experiment that overall results in gaining wisdom and knowledge and research methods can be ungodly because an experimental research method can result in unclean things that are not acceptable to His standards. This can be compared to researchers conducting case study’s without a confidentiality agreement or proper legal ethics. In conclusion, as a Christian, I must be well equipped in investigating information in order to establish facts and reach new conclusions to fully grasp the skills and wisdom God needs me to have which is resulted in research.

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