Essay on Different Aspects Of Language And Language

Essay on Different Aspects Of Language And Language

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There are many different aspects of language that we discussed in English 175 but lets trace it back to the beginning. What is a language? A language is rule governed, systematic and made up of sounds, words, meaning, and grammar. Every native speaker has a large amount of knowledge that he or she knows about the language that they speak even with limited exposure. For instance, they are good with right adjective word order, understanding the context of statements, their sound system, pragmatics or humor based language, and their lexicon or vocabulary. Most of the time you don’t have to think long and hard about forming a sentence in the correct order. Right adjective word order is something that comes easy to us and sounds funny if not written correctly. Native speakers are good at their sound system but when it comes to us trying to roll our “r’s” or the Spanish trying the “th” sound, it can become a difficulty. Something else native speakers understand is the context of statements. We can easily tell when someone is being literal or just trying to make a joke. There are many different characteristics to a language. According to Charles Hockett, a language must consist of communication, mode of communication, semanticity, pragmatic function, interchangeability, arbitrariness, discreteness, displacement, productivity, cultural transmission, prevarication and reflexiveness. To be able to transfer a message from a source to a receiver and how that message is transmitted are all important for a language. Originally, Hockett’s design features only included a vocal-auditory channel but he later added on sounds, visual cues, touch, odor, and electrical signs. This expansion occurred because you have to consider animal co...

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...ations and it gives us the opportunity to learn how to correctly pronounce new words in our language. This leads into the different articulatory processes in speech. They make words easier to articulate, speech easier to perceive which in the end leads to articulation being more efficient. The names of some of the processes are assimilation, deletion, epenthesis, and metathesis. These are articulation errors that usually occur at a young age and if not fixed by a certain age, therapy is the next step. A similar study called phonology is the description of systems and patterns of speech sounds in a language. It is usually based on what every native speaker knows about the sound patterns they are aware of that language. A phoneme is the smallest unit of sound that deals with meaning while an allophone is a variation of a phoneme but doesn’t change the meaning.

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