Different Aspects Of A Successful Leader Essay

Different Aspects Of A Successful Leader Essay

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When in a leadership role, it is important to consider both the task and relationship aspects of a situation. Both of these aspects are essential in order to achieve the goal successfully. Task aspects are more or less directly related to achieving the end goal. It incorporates the actions required from a leader’s followers in order to achieve the desired results. It is much more geared towards performance than the relationship aspects are. Looking at the relationship side of leadership, it focuses more so on the followers and their well-being. A leader who is more relationship oriented will spend more time talking to their followers and trying to understand how to motivate them. They try to make more of a personal connection than task-oriented leaders do.

I agree that both of these aspects are very important to being a successful leader, but I often find it difficult to have the right balance of both. I believe that I am more task-oriented than I am relationship-oriented. I like to achieve the best results possible and I like to set high standards for those that I am working with. When someone that I am working with is clearly upset or bothered, I will step in and try to resolve the issue. I do this so that we can continue on towards our common goal with everyone’s head in the game. But when there is no clear problem with one of my followers, I often fail to cater to their needs because I am more focused on the task at hand.

I love organization and productivity, but neither of these are attainable or sustainable when my followers are not performing to the best of their abilities. A deeper understanding of my followers would allow me to gain a better judgement of when something is restricting them from performing properly. Only ...

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...er any of the managers before to explain to her how to do a job. Since that game, she has worked for me on multiple other occasions and has done a fantastic job. All I did was simply take an interest in her and this resulted in increased productivity and motivation.

Overall, I have grown to understand just how important it is to consider both task and relationship-oriented leadership in order to be a good leader. In certain circumstances, it will be necessary to cater more or less to one or the other, but they should both always be present to some degree. My relationship-oriented skills still need to be improved upon a lot since I tend to favour more of a task-oriented approach, but I do believe I am making progress. All in all, I have a deep respect for both of these approaches and will continue to improve upon them and my ability to judge when to use each of them.

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