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Imagine playing a six hour tennis match! Well, the longest match ever played was six hours long; played by Vicki Nelson and Jean Hepner in 1984. (Seminara, 2009) The scoring for tennis is kind of difficult if not familiar of how the game is played. The way the scoring goes is “luv, 15, 30, 40, or deuce if the score is 40-40. If it is 30-30, then it is said like “30 all”. In order to win, the game is played best of three matches. The winner must win by two games. In my study I will be getting the speeds of a group of tennis girls hitting the tennis balls. My hypothesis is that the more experience you have in tennis, the fast you should be able to hit. Because there are so many varieties of elements in tennis, one should consider the difference in racquets, tennis shoes, courts, and balls
Tennis Racquets
Knowing that there are so many different types of tennis racquets to choose from, one must look at the specifics of each type of racquet. Throughout the years there has been three different types of racquets. The three different types of racquets are, wooden, fiberglass, and metal (“Selecting the Right”, 2013). The first type of racquet that was used was the wooden racquet. Up until the 1970’s people used wooden racquets (“Selecting the Right”, 2013). The second type of racquets used was the metal racquets. The first metal racquets used in a match was a Prince aluminum racquet in 1976 (“Selecting the Right”, 2013). The racquet mostly used in today’s world would be fiberglass racquets which can hold up to 140mph of brutal impact (“Selecting the Right”, 2013). Power is directly related to the head size of racquets (“Selecting the Right”, 2013). A larger head will provide more power than a smaller head, because the lar...

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