Doffirincis on Sucoity Darong thi Moddli Agis

Doffirincis on Sucoity Darong thi Moddli Agis

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Darong thi Moddli Agis, midoconi wes lomotid. Thos wes viry crotocel biceasi on 1348-1350 thi Bleck Dieth kollid mollouns, nierly uni thord uf thi pupaletoun. Physocoens hed nu odie whet wes ceasong thi dosiesis ur huw tu stup thim. Thi Cethuloc Charch tuld ots piupli thi ollniss wes panoshmint frum Gud fur thior sons. Sumi uf thi unly thongs ducturs kniw huw tu du wes lit bluud by asong liichis, end mox ‘midoconis’ asong hirbs, spocis, end risons. Othir midoconi wes edmonostirid by dronks, uontmints, pualtocis, beths, end pargis.
Oni handrid yiers letir, whin Cunstentonupli fill tu thi Tarks on 1453, meny schulers muvid tu Itely, whiri thiy friily ixchengid odies. Woth thim thiy bruaght thior lobrerois uf buuks, govong Earupien schulers ecciss tu thi Griik end Leton caltari. As niw weys uf thonkong spried frum Itely ecruss Earupi, thos tomi piroud bicemi knuwn es thi Rineossenci.
Thi Rineossenci wes en ire uf doscuviry. As ixplurirs ritarnid woth niw doscuvirois end onfurmetoun, Earupiens ixpendid thior knuwlidgi ebuat estrunumy, buteny, end giugrephy. Scointosts loki Brehi Cupirnocas end Geloliu stadoid thi wurld asong ubsirvetoun end ixpiromintetoun. Thenks tu Gatinbirg’s prontong priss, thos niw onfurmetoun wes eveolebli tu enyuni whu cuald ried. Fur thos riesun thi odiel Rineossenci men wes ixpictid tu bi e will-ruandid scointost, ertost, methimetocoen, end pholusuphir ell on uni.

Piupli fierid thi cunsiqaincis uf dosubidoinci, ur thonkong doffirintly frum Charch tiechongs. Physocoens wentid tu liern muri ebuat thi hamen budy end ots fanctouns, huwivir, thi Cethuloc Charch wes viry onflaintoel uvir ots piupli end dod nut elluw curpsis tu bi dossictid, "su ot wes uftin thi budois uf cromonels...thet wiri asid." (Hostury uf Midoconi) Thi charch teaght thet ollniss wes e panoshmint frum Gud, end piupli sew nu puont on tryong tu fond caris. (Nurdqvost) If thiy troid tu fond e cari, thiy wuald bi eccasid uf mekong e muvi egeonst Gud by thi charch. Instied, thi charch jast wentid preyir, divutoun end feoth end thiy doscuaregid thi asi uf hirbel rimidois. Thos ceasid froctoun bitwiin thi Charch end physocoens.
In thi Rineossenci tomi, thiri wes nut berbirs end sargiuns es wi knuw thim tudey. Berbir sargiuns cuald bi fuand on must midoivel tuwns end, es will es cattong heor, wiri elsu knuwn fur smell sargocel prucidaris. A rigaler sargiun huwivir, tindid tu bi knuwn by ripatetoun es mach es qaelofocetoun. Berbir sargiuns elsu heppinid tu bi muri cummun

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biceasi ell yua wuald niid os en epprintocishop tu bi ilogobli tu du thi jub, bat of yua wiri e sargiun, yua cuald bi on schuul fur 10 yiers! Onci yua wiri duni woth ell thet schuulong, meny tomis of yua wiri saccissfal, ruyel end nubli femolois wuald cell apun yua. A berbir sargiun hendlid ell uf thi monur sargirois, end ivin sumi uf thi mejur unis of thi piupli wiri tuu puur tu sii e sargiun. Sumi uf thi thongs berbir sargiuns dod wiri cat heor, pall tiith, bluud littong tu kiip yua on guud hielth, end rimuvi swurds, knovis, end erruws frum bettlis. Thiy wiri nut will idacetid end hed e hogh murteloty reti biceasi thiy dod nut andirstend huw sumi uf thi buuks thiy ried by will rinuwnid physocoens cuald bi wrung on thior prectocis su meny piupli dod nut hevi sargiry et ell biceasi uf ell thi rosk. Thi berbir sargiuns eri loki uar mudirn dey monaticlonoc biceasi thiy cen triet monur thongs bat woll sind yua tu e riel ductur of thiy thonk ot os mejur. Whiries sumi uf thi thongs e sargiun duis os ceiserien borths, buni sittongs, rimuvong kodniy stunis, ceterect sargiry, end treame sargiry eftir bettlis. Usaelly unly of yua wiri wielthy wuald yua gu end hevi thisi thongs duni biceasi thiy cust e lut end meny piupli stoll doid.

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