The Differences in Parenting Essay

The Differences in Parenting Essay

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Parenting styles are different across different cultures, religions, social economic status, political ideologies, and socially accepted constructs (Class, 10/11/11). The Macoby parenting paradigm of psychological constructs, describes four parenting styles based on parent’s demandingness and warmth (Class, 10/11/11). Parenting styles also reflects the disciplinary techniques used by parents. The parent-child relationship is a crucial factor in shaping the lives of a child. However, this causal association may be disproportionately unequal.
According to the Macoby parenting model, there are four basic classifications of parenting style: authoritative, authoritarian, permissive, and neglectful (Class, 10/11/11). Parenting styles may differ depending on diverse socio-cultural factors yet each style has certain key features. Authoritative parents have high demands and clear expectations for their children (Class, 10/11/11). They help children learn to be responsible for themselves and to think about the consequences of their behavior. They impose supportive discipline as opposed to harsh punishments in a warm and loving manner allowing the child to explore their creativity, self-expression, encourage education, and instill morals and values that would lead them to psychologically and socially successful lives (Class, 10/11/11). By rewarding the good behavior and not punishing the bad behavior yet explaining its malice, authoritative parents believe they are better mothers than those with other styles (Hays, 2007)In other words, they stay at home to provide the family support they believe necessary to be happy and surpass adversity by positive reinforcement as opposed to punishment. Moreover, authoritarian parents demand o...

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..., just whatever hope I still have left for my family as a part of this unequal society. Individuals are a product of their environment (Waller, 2001). Although this may be true, my mother’s authoritative/authoritarian parenting style has served to show me that I can define my future by being true to myself and to what I have learned throughout my upbringing. In the end, I know my mother has my best interest at heart.

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