The Differences in Human and Animal Genes Essay

The Differences in Human and Animal Genes Essay

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Imagine piles of innocent animals dead on the streets for human’s selfish necessities. Hundreds die every day and more continue to fall under a microscope and knife regardless of campaigns and protests. The major issue with animal testing regards the differences in human and animal genes and the accuracy of the results fail. Technology surpasses animal testing, therefore, testing animals for scientific, medical, and cosmetic reasons is useless for human purposes and harmful to the animals.
Animal testing is not limited to a laboratory with scientists and doctors swarming around dozens of animals. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration displays animal testing in a new sense. Nasa tests animals in dangerous surroundings, similar to sending monkeys into space. Nasa no longer sends monkeys into space, but plans on simply exposing thirty squirrel monkeys to extreme levels of radiation. The experiment attempts to mimic a situation in which astronauts may experience long-term exposure to radiation but Nasa ignores decades of studies proving “monkeys aren’t good proxies for humans in space radiation studies” which results in the experiment lacking beneficial information and only accomplished animal abuse (Source E). Modern technology diminished radiation exposure to astronauts, thus proving Nasa’s experiment useless and only damages the animal.
The methods scientists and researchers use for testing medicine dates back to the middle of the 1900s, and with todays technology, the methods service decreases. The strength of the medicine today contrast with the ones in the 1940s, which increases the difficulty of relying on animals reactions to certain medicines. For example, “in the monoclonal drug trial in which tests on monke...

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...ain and wince similar to human features, and to test on living creatures who live in permanent agony is cruel and unjust. Medically, scientifically, and cosmetically testing animals damage their physical and mental health, and when a completely different option in testing appears, animal testing needs to diminish.
Animal testing creates more harm than good, and testing innocent creatures who feel pain on scientific, medical, and cosmetic matters lacks real usage, especially when technological advancements diminish the need for animal testing. Time to steer away from animal testing, leave behind the old methods and incorporate technology. Companies continue to mistreat animals for their products, but will stop when consumers refuse to purchase the products. Companies adjust to the consumers needs, and the easiest way to stop the fire—stop feeding it fuel to live.

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