Differences Between Types of Marriages Essay

Differences Between Types of Marriages Essay

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Homosexual marriage means marriage between two of the same sex where as heterosexual marriage is a marriage between two of the opposing sex. While both homosexual & heterosexual marriage are bases on attraction, there a few notable similarity & contrast between them.

Marriage is based on mutual feeling between two people, whether they are homosexual couple or heterosexual couple. It has been stated by American Psychological Association that homosexuality is not a mental disorder, thus, the attraction between homosexual couple is as legit as the attraction between heterosexual couple. Homosexual couples are capable of romantic relationship, not just sexual relationship, which is required in a marriage. They are capable of loving their spouse just like heterosexual couple, opposing the hearsay, which stated that homosexual relationship consists exclusively on lust. On this wise, it can be concluded that homosexual marriage and heterosexual marriage is based on the same principle.

Public acceptance on homosexuality is slowly changing. A survey that has been conducted shows that a large circle of adolescent is far more accepting of homosexual rights in comparison to the previous generation. This has a direct impact on how the public view homosexual marriage. The survey conducted in 2013 shows that 51% of American citizen supports homosexual marriage and it has been legalized in Washington, D.C. and in 12 other states. 14% of American citizen changed their opinion upon homosexual marriage and is now accepting it. Despite this fact, it cannot be ignored that heterosexual marriage is far more accepted in comparison to heterosexual marriage. Even to people who accept homosexuality, they think of marriage as a sacred ritual exclusively...

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