Differences Between The Nile And Indus River Valley Civilizations Essay

Differences Between The Nile And Indus River Valley Civilizations Essay

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The Nile and Indus River Valley civilizations were both unique civilizations in their own way in comparison. Yet despite being separated by thousands of miles there are similarities in these two ancient civilizations. It is seen that amongst ancient civilizations, rivers are fundamental for them to prosper and provide for a relatively stable society for which a people can grow and develop. There are general similarities with pinpoint differences as well as general differences with pinpoint similarities. Both civilizations have left their influence on human civilization and history, with their unique characteristics of their religion, way of life, social classes, cultures, technological advancements, government systems, rulers and notable influential people. Of course all civilizations have left their marks on human history, each their own way, these two great, impressive, ancient civilizations, in spite of the huge distance in between them, they had their similarities in the way human civilization developed.
The Nile River Valley civilization was dependent on the yearly flooding of the Nile River. The Egyptians honored the river for providing food for them by nourishing the land and making it fertile with its yearly flooding. The Nile also provided for quick transportation between Upper and Lower Egypt, allowing for Menes, the King of Upper Egypt, to unite the two and creating the first unified state. In the Indus River Valley civilization the river is also given honor as it can be reflected by one Indian name for “river”: lok-mata or “mother of the people.” The Indian people’s way of life was also defined by the monsoon, a seasonal wind. This shows the similarities in the civilizations areas that led to their early uprisings, ...

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... roles in the society, to what they have accomplished as a civilization as a whole. It is important to study these ancient civilizations, study their differences and similarities to see how human society came to be. The Indus River Valley civilization left its impression on the people of India, the religion and lifestyle led by most of today’s Indians was influenced by the way society was developed in the Indus River Valley millennia ago. The passive society, no need for war or weapons was what the original inhabitants lived by. The Egyptians, though alike in their gods and religious ways, developed more of the modern world’s basic technologies, one example being that of the modern day calendar. It is also seen that even though civilizations have similar areas of origin, they are going to have their major differences in how the human civilization develops as a whole.

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