The Differences Between The Middle, Working, And Poor Class Essay

The Differences Between The Middle, Working, And Poor Class Essay

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Yes, when thinking about social classes in the Unites States, it is easier to gravitate towards the differences among them. However, through reading about the different families in Unequal Childhoods, there are similarities across social classes. One of the similarities among the middle, working, and poor class is the “absent” of parental involvement. Now, this also depends on how the reader views the situation. For the poor class or working class families, such as Katie Brindle and Tyrec Taylor, their parents left them alone to play on their own. Katie Brindle is a White girl who comes from a poor class family. Tyrec Taylor is a Black boy and is part of working class. Lareau observes, “Most working-class and poor parents did not consider children’s activities as consequential or, more specifically, as something that ought to involve adult time or energy. In their view, children’s activities are something they do with one another, not with adults. Therefore, there was a separation between adults’ and children’s worlds” (Lareau 2011). Sure, Katie’s mom occasionally would join in and play Monopoly with Katie and she allowed Katie to sing in the choir. However, this was an activity Katie wanted to participate in versus having her mother sign her up. In another instance, Katie made snowflakes out of cardboard she found outside of their apartment. She gave one to her mother and Ms. Brindle did not comment of Katie’s creativity. She also refused to participate with Katie in making a dollhouse out of more cardboard boxes.
Tyrec Taylor also participates in informal play. Taylor would hang out at home, watch television or play video games, or head out to hang out with other people in the neighborhood. His play was very spontaneous, no pl...

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...ed though that many of his friends are either in jail or passed away. It is shocking to look to see that it does not matter how well off your family is. People of color are not immune to racism in the United States; SES background has nothing to do with it.
Unequal Childhoods, is an interesting look into the world of children who grow up in different SES backgrounds. While it is common for people to focus on the differences between the families there have more in common as you dig deeper into their family life. Whether if it is parenting of the children by providing them with too much activities and expectations or not enough structure to the very real reality of race and how that influences children’s development and life experiences. Both are valuable lessons to consider and to be taught to parents, educators, or people interested in looking at child development.

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