Differences Between The Libyan Legal Systems And The Uk Legal System Essay

Differences Between The Libyan Legal Systems And The Uk Legal System Essay

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Rabi. H. Khamis.

There is no doubt that the legal system is the only way to organize the societies as well as it is different from country to another , in addition a significant role has been played to developing and dominating the relationship between countries .furthermore ,the organization of relations between people
At the present time approximately all countries a following specific legal system and that trapped between two type systems, namely the Latin and the Anglo Saxon.
Obviously, the UK legal system is composed of considerable law rules which were created by judges in the courts, such as the decisions of the senior appellate courts becomes law. Furthermore, these rules are applied in America and Australia even though it was not codified. On the other hand, the civil law was codified in European countries also was applied in the colonies, for instance, Tunisia, morocco they were French colonies. While, Libya was following Italian colonialism. In another word, although there was a significant difference between both. But, they also have some similarities.
This assignment will show the differences among both systems from two points of view the first side by clarifying the sources after that will illustrate the divisions of each one, finally will look at the structure of courts through illustration the hierarchy of the courts between both systems.
Beginning with the sources of law, each system is created own legislation.
The first significant source of the UK legal system is that (cases law) in fact, the previous judges and these decisions have to followed and implement in similar cases also it is considered the main topic ...

... middle of paper ...

...tem has owned private method, accessing to last part which is distribution and arrangement of the courts in both systems and through the last point is clear that the structure of court is completely different between both especially through the census and diversity of the English courts in the judicial system comparison with the small number of courts that identified by the Libyan judicial system is limited in the number of only three types of courts .


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