The Differences Between The Greeks And Romans Essay

The Differences Between The Greeks And Romans Essay

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The Greeks and Romans were famous for their ever-expanding empire, it seemed that no matter who was in charge of the democracy the major focus was help the empire to grow. One of the greatest conquerors’ for the Romans was Alexander the Great who ruled during the late 4th century BC. He along with his armies took over a great amount of land from other nations, which is what made him so memorable. Not only was Alexander the Great impressive but the Mediterranean Roman Republic collectively that fought and stretched the rule of the Romans to other nations. While these two eras of expansion are very similar they are also different, what happened to the people that were conquered, the manner these empires were ruled, and finally how long these newly conquered empires lasted.
During the time of the Mediterranean Roman Republic the expansion of the empire was held a negative context, even though in the beginning of this rule the empire was less ruthless. In previous centuries the Romans has conquered other nations without remorse and without mercy, but in the times of 5th century BC and forward the Romans continued their imperial rule. And by the 4th century the Roman’s had the strongest Army in the Mediterranean, which allowed them to conquer their once unattainable Etruscan neighbors. The Roman’s were known to “sometimes enslaved large numbers of the defeated. Even if they left their conquered enemies free, they forced them to give up large parcels of their land.” (Ancient Rome, 68) But in favor of winning the loyalties of the people of the conquered lands, they were offered to be citizens of Rome. This is one term of conquest that differed between the Romans and Alexander the Great.
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...orlds into more direct contact than ever before, while also demonstrating that the city-states of mainland Greece, the Aegean, and Anatolia were no longer strong enough to set their own foreign policy.” (223) When Alexander died he left Greece vulnerable to invasion due to his sudden death and lack of having a successor, this is when the Romans were able to take the power over the Mediterranean. This power then lasted until the late 130s BC. “Roman expansion was never a constant or uniform process, and Roman imperialism under the Republic cannot be explained as the result of any single principle or motivation.” (Roman79) The only uniform thing about the empire is that it seemed to be always growing in different directions through the use of military, which later had detrimental effects on families who lost the men of the households for years due to the on going wars.

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