Differences Between The Body And Soul Essay

Differences Between The Body And Soul Essay

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I will attempt to show how and why Melissa would take an Aristotelian approach the dilemma facing her and her sister and what arguments might be employed to make her case. I will also look at the flaws in this approach and how Melinda might respond to the argument using these shortcomings. In order to put forth a convincing argument Melissa will have to lay out the logic behind Aristotle point of view. She will have to walk her sister through his basic view on the categories of things (said of but not in, in but not said of, said of and in, neither said of or in). This will lead into the causes of things (formal, efficient, material, and final). This then allows her to get to the point in which Aristotle’s view on the relationship between the body and soul can be seen.

Melissa would be the one to argue from an Aristotelian viewpoint as to the true nature of a soul. Since Aristotle see the soul, as a part of a natural organized body in that without both a body (matter) and a soul (essence) no living thing would exist be it a plant or an animal. This is more inline with her viewpoint that Matthew was no longer from the time his brain was destroyed. Her argument would be that the body is just matter and without the soul as the essence of what that body was “Matthew” is no longer. She would further argue that since he will never wakeup and be Matthew again there is little point in just keeping an empty body from decaying.

Aristotle’s view of the world is that everything can be placed into 1 of 4 categories. The first being said of but not in, he states in Categoriae Book II that ” some are said of a subject, but are not in a subject” as in cat being used to point out or describe a particular animal (1). Cat would not be a trait of...

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...of her fundamental belief in a soul that continues to exist outside the body. She will also attack it on the grounds that since we have no purview into what is beyond the death of anything that once was alive. How can one assume that the soul does not “live” on in any fashion whatsoever? Also she could argue that just because we do not perceive Matthew to be the same because of the damage to the brain who is to say how much brain has to be gone in order to “gone” 51 percent or 91%? If his brain is not all gone then at what percentage point is he gone? As no one can point to the exact point then Matthew may still be around if anything less than 100% is gone.

In conclusion, if one truly believes in a lasting soul then there will be no convincing them otherwise no mater how convincing the arguments. Either way they choose there will be doubt that may never be settled.

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