Differences Between The Authors ' Experiences Adherence Of Their Chinese Heritage

Differences Between The Authors ' Experiences Adherence Of Their Chinese Heritage

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Thesis: Both of the authors’ experiences adhere to three different criterions: they both cite one main issue, a different tone and a different out coming purpose. These three measures present some similarities and differences between the articles.
I-Ideas, or main issues
A- The alikeness in rejection of their Chinese Heritage.
1-The author’s struggle and disinterest to learn her native Language; “The Struggle to be an All American Girl”.
2-The author’s strong reaction of distaste towards her native food; “Catfish in the Bathtub”.
B- The differences in coping with that rejection.
1- The author blatantly rejects it, and even mockes her mother’s heavy accent; “The Struggle to be an All American Girl”
2-Although she is forced to eat the food, she does not complain nor argue about it; “Catfish in the Bathtub”
A-They both have a Criticizing tone to the way their parents teach them their Chinese culture.
1-The author’s mocking tone toward her mother, and the slight sense of superiority; ”The Struggle to be an all American Girl”
2-The author’s distressing tone of disgust in order to express her feelings about her experience; “Catfish in the Bathtub”
B-Their tones at the End of the extract.
1-In the beginning she has a tone of satisfaction and relief, but at the end, her tone changes to regret.
2- The author shows her fear caused by that experience with the use of an aggressive tone.
A- The regret of not being proud of her Culture because her parents allowed her to give it up.
B- The rejection of her mom’s cuisine, can be the rejection of someone’s culture and gastronomy

Made in China or Made in the USA

The studied texts are written by American women born to Chinese immigrants. Their objective is...

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...their Identity “At last, I was one of you: I wasn’t one of them. Sadly, I still am.”. In Kingston’s text, her strong rejection of her mom’s cooking is allegorical to the rejection of her Heritage. Thus showing that her purpose is to expose the cruel and horrible environment she was raised in “I would live on plastic”.

In conclusion, it is a normal process to lose their identity when they are far away from their country of origin. Some might find the need to neglect their background in order to fit in society. However people of the same country or religion usually tend to form communities that practice their language, customs and traditions together, keeping their heritage an important matter in their life.

“The Struggle to Be an All-American Girl”, written by Elizabeth Wong, published in 1980
“The Woman Warrior”, written by Maxine Hong Kingston in 1976

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