Differences Between Sports And Baseball Essay

Differences Between Sports And Baseball Essay

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Other options include sharing stadiums between teams in the same cities. These could be teams of different sports such as football and baseball. The point of stadium sharing is retaining the same, if not more revenue, and cut out as much public funding as possible (Swindell, Rosentraub, 1998, p. 19). Since professional teams do not play all year round there is still plenty of room for teams to intermingle games, while also holding other entertainment events for maximum revenue (Swindell, Rosentraub, 1998, p. 19). Cities could also figure out good ways to tax the people who want stadiums more than the ones who do not, like a luxury tax. This strategy would allow the economy to focus on a particular target market and the ones who want to spend the money on a new stadium (Swindell, Rosentraub, 1998, p. 19).
One thing we look at is how cities seem to favor the quality of life in their region over the quality of economics, which is okay, but why do NFL teams and local politicians always promote the economic amenities that their facilities bring (Rappaport, Wilkerson, 2001)? Just like there is an opportunity cost associated with spending money at games vs. other attractions, there is also an opportunity cost for the city whether or not they should build a stadium or a different type of infrastructure (Rappaport, Wilkerson, 2001). Does the value of a new professional football facility outweigh the value of a new transportation system if the costs are the same? The answer is probably no, the realistic purpose of building a new stadium would be to increase the citizens psychological quality of life, while building a transportation system would be to increase the overall productivity of the city (Rappaport, Wilkerson, 2001).
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...ing the whole or fair truth. Looking at the actual numbers and costs of the stadiums makes you realize that we must find alternative routes to the way NFL teams can get what they want. Alternatives like simply not aiding teams financially, stadium sharing, restoration instead of reconstruction, and opportunity costs of other infrastructure are all great ideas to steer from the current path we are on. But the fact of the matter is, cities need to band together and hold NFL teams accountable or they will be used by the franchise that encompasses them. Whether this means coming up with a way for cities to agree on certain terms, or for cities to make their professional team sign a contract that makes them pay the finances of a stadium if they do decide to leave, something needs to be done or teams are going to continually abuse their relationship with their own cities.

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