Differences Between Slaves And Indentured Free Servants Essay

Differences Between Slaves And Indentured Free Servants Essay

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Some questions my daughter asked to me during this project is well what is the difference between slaves and Indentured-Free-Servants that served in the Apartheid Era. Slaves were considered their owners possesions, captured in Africa and sold into slavery. They had no rights, no freedom, there children were born into slavery and could be sold at will of the owner. The Native Servants were not owned they had freedom of decision who to work for so they could pick their master (Boss.) They entred in an employement agreement out of there own freewill. They worked for motnly salary and were able to live with there families on most farm. Similiarities between the native Servants and Slaves are they both served a superior master (Boss.) They both endured hard tough physical labour. They both lacked good food, clothing and housing. In many cases they were seprated from their family because of the system. They were far away from their families of origin and often had to serve speaking a different language. The Boss determined the treatment and the punishment s for mistakes. Many white children befriended the servants as they gre up together and became lifetime friends. The servants are comparable to all the migrants’ workers in the US. You can learn all about this when you ready the autobiography; “Barefoot Heart.” The book discuss in detail the hardship tha the Mexican America Migrants had to endure in the segregated East Texas.

Our Native Hands (Servants) children were our farm friends. We could play with our friend whenever the fields were not workable.There names Moshoesha, and her cousin Koena, Mabalel and Balio. Mabalel was the garden Booi. Mabalel was not from the Sesoon tribe, he was from the Aawambo tribe. He was s...

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...ed ho-kallana (mock fighting with sticks) as often as we could. Later in life in Texas I would teach my own son this tribal stick playing to toughen him up for life. If my son that is a DC Engineers talk about his experiences at home playing with sticks; he will explain to you that we were mock fighting with 4 by 4 woods. Of course that will be impossible for even me to pick up. I never realized how deep the Native African Sesoon culture soaked into my own bones.
Bo arrived one summer, one year after Kleinjan. He was indeed a spoiled little brat.
Kleinjan’s nick name was“Spiere”muscles. He loved crawling in the bed with his hunting knife, knop kierie hugging his soft green frog. So us on the farm consit of Pa (the Head or Baas), Ma (Miesies), Moses, Gemma, Kleinjan, Bo, Oupa, Ouma, Ver Ouma, then the Native Hands, Mabalel, Moshoesha, Koena, Sannie, and Mmeme Ella.

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