The Differences Between Science And Religion Essay

The Differences Between Science And Religion Essay

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Understanding science and religion historically most individuals would assume that the two differ more than they relate. For decades, there has been the overwhelming debate about the differences between science and religion, and the issues that have set them apart from each other. However, personally, when it comes to the views, and goals of the two they share very similar ideologies and attributes.
When considering the basis for the understanding of both science and religion it is interesting to distinguish that both are based on an overwhelming desire to define a greater knowledge, and comprehension of the universe that surrounds us. Now while, science has based its knowledge of experimental basis, researcher, and scholarly work; religion applies its knowledge based on the Biblical understanding and spiritual connection. However, there is still a mutual desire for both sides to seek knowledge of the universe.
Even though both sides seek similar understanding and knowledge as expected from history science and religion do not completely agree nor have the same goals on how to achieve the knowledge they are after. Most individuals feel that science and religion are two completely separate ways of understanding reality. Others believe that science and religion are one and the same way of looking at reality, without one the other could not stand alone. A major misconception when it comes to the falsification of science and religion is that religion is based solely on faith, or the unseen. However, this misconception would be relative to saying that science is not based solely on real world attributes, given that hypotheses and theories are used throughout science this is untrue. If most scientist were asked what the basis of the ...

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.... For centuries, science has spent so much time trying to disprove this statement, but rather than disprove it spend time trying to prove how this could be possible. While, it is so easy as a religious believer to say something about science I also to believe that as a believer realize the impact that science has had on ours society, Therefore, I also have to say that religious needs to take a step back and realize that without science we would not have many answers to the questions raised from the Bible. I have not quite liked a quote as much as the one from Barbour, “Take the Bible seriously, but not literally.” Im not sure I have heard a more true, or accurate statement before. We need to realize that while the differences between science and religion are what make them so unique in their processes, there similarities are what could create something so distinct.

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