Differences between Protein Shake and Protein Steak Essay

Differences between Protein Shake and Protein Steak Essay

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From the moment of its creation, protein powder has been engulfed in a tornado of controversy. Doctors, scientists, and athletes have debated on whether or not it should be used for years. Protein provides the building blocks for all cells and membranes, hormones and various growth factors. Elena Voropay, a writer for Iron Man Magazine, says “Protein is found literally everywhere in your system: there is protein in your muscle tissues, your heart, in the enzymes that digest your food, in your skin cells and even within your blood” (Voropay 1).
Protein from whole food has been around since the creation of the world and the times of the hunter-gatherers. Those ages didn’t have whey protein isolate, powdered casein protein, or any of those variations. They just had meat, nuts, veggies, and fruits. The biggest advantage that whole foods have over protein powder is that they stimulate the body’s metabolism more and take more time to be digested and absorbed than shakes.
Carly Schuna, writer for HealthyEating.com, says “Protein-rich whole foods are more nutritionally complex than shakes, so they offer a greater variety of vitamins and minerals.” Since you go through the process of chewing them and they take a longer period of time to consume, they also satisfy your hunger more effectively and keep you fuller longer. Protein can be found in all meats, nuts, and even some plants. Voropay states “Dairy and eggs are some of the best sources of protein. Eggs have the highest digestibility score and are ranked as the ‘gold standard’ of all proteins. Beef happens to have the lowest digestibility score”. Aside from these foods, nuts are also high in protein and in healthy Omega-3 fatty acids, which promote higher neurological functions, incr...

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...nd because of marketing, companies will always be using techniques to make their product look better. In a perfect world, the two would be combined and used correctly to make the best combination for ultimate muscle growth and recovery. But alas, this world is not perfect, forcing the debate to continue.

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