The Differences Between Pop Culture And Reality Essay

The Differences Between Pop Culture And Reality Essay

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Dr. Craig Detweiler showed an extremely eye-opening presentation detailing the differences between pop culture and reality. He analyzed many recent publications and their portrayal of individuals, showing the effects of Photoshop. He showed how what we see on the cover of Vogue magazine differs greatly from reality. I think this is very characteristic of American culture even beyond images. What we see on the surface often differs greatly from reality, and this often raises our standards to unreasonable highs (specifically in regards to women). Furthermore, this often promotes extremely surface-level relationships, that never develop to anything more than small-talk. Despite our desire to find depth, we often further accentuate the surface-level culture by responding to others in the same manner. Often times, It’s not that we do not want depth, but rather that we don’t know how to handle depth.
As depicted in the media that Dr. Detweiler shared, we are often deceived by what we see, and the Photoshopped picture we see of Gigi Hadid misrepresents her actual physical appearance. Men in American society, myself included, are constantly exposed to pictures of women in media that depict them as nearly perfect. By constantly infiltrating our minds with these pictures, we change our standard of beauty, and expect all women to meet the same criteria that models fulfill. With more than sixty-eight percent of men watching porn on a weekly basis (Gilkerson, 2014), men also develop unreasonable standards for women in the bedroom. For example, the “pleasure” experienced by women in pornography is often completely made up and scripted, misrepresenting the experience women actually have when engaging in sexual intercourse. This causes men to ex...

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... to critique society and analyze the flaws we are making. Distortion of reality has become all too customary, and we must resist what is viewed as “normal” and begin pursuing public discourse. We see some lingerie companies shifting away from this idea of falsely portraying women by using “real women” as models. Movements like this will propel us forward and expose the reality of the media we are being fed. A change will not be made until individuals and corporations alike stand up to American mass media. While we must take actions to prevent mass media from misrepresenting the news, and women specifically, we must also pursue depth in communication on an individual level to facilitate change. Dr. Detweiler truly inspired me to influence the media to pursue an accurate representation of reality, and individuals to seek deeper and more thought-provoking communication.

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