Differences Between Older And Younger Generation Essay

Differences Between Older And Younger Generation Essay

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Understanding a Bias, it is preference to favor one over another. Bias can be conscious and non-conscious. It can be positive or negative (Ryan. V. & Saha. S, 2011). I believe that I form my bias between the younger and older generation regarding beliefs, politics, or values. I am mindful that I incline to blame it on the generation gap whenever I see there is a conflict between older and younger generation. Second, I think people with mental illnesses are dangerous and should be avoided.
I was born and raised up in Nepal. My father is a retired British army officer and my mother is a housewife who has no formal education. Nepal is a country where access to better healthcare and related information is very limited. The majority of the population believes in folk remedies such as traditional healers, Ayurveda. Even in the present day, when someone has a high fever and shivers, covering the patient with a blanket is considered the right thing to do. Moreover, mental illness is viewed as an evil eye that restrains family member to speak or seek medical help. The belief that mentally unstable people are dangerous “they will harm you if you talk to them” was engraved in our mind since I was a child.
According to the age IAT test, my result predicted that I am not biased or have a little bias between older and younger generations. However, I was not surprised that the mental health IAT result predicted that I am moderately implicitly think people with mental health illness are dangerous. As I had mentioned above that the culture believes that mental illness is an evil eye, nobody talks about this to outside people. This beliefs and values still live within the older generation of my family. To share my personal story, my brother-in-law ...

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...ed to mental diseases and the importance of early treatments.
According to the research populations in Orange County, the demographic chart presents that Santa Ana is the second largest populous city in Los Angeles. Among large populations, the major groups of minority living in the city are 78.2 percent, Hispanic, 10.4 percent, Asian, 9.2 percent, white, and 1 percent Black. The study agrees to the existence of several causes of health care disparities among minority and vulnerable groups. One of the major causes but not limited to is the cultural beliefs and health practices of minority groups (California State of Department of Finance, 2014). Understanding patients’ culture, beliefs and values can be challenging; however, participation in providing cultural competent care at work enhances the knowledge and skills towards the care of diverse cultural populations.

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