The Differences Between Management And Leadership Essay

The Differences Between Management And Leadership Essay

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Change in Thinking
There is debate over the differences of management and leadership. There are different viewpoints and definitions of leadership as well. How do we know what the difference is and what definitions of leadership work the best? James C. Hunter in The Servant differentiates management from leadership by doing and influence (1998). Management is what you do and leadership is the influence and impact you have upon the people you come in contact with (Hunter, 1998). There are many different styles of leadership which include authoritarian, benevolent dictatorship, and participatory to name a few (Page and Wong, 2000). The model everyone is trying to emulate and make a framework for is servant leadership. Servant leadership is being incorporated into organizations because it has the ability to combine personality characteristics and human performance together to function over time (Page and Wong, 2000). This leadership involves a change in thinking from previous styles. In the end, it is best due to allowing empowerment, total quality, team building, and participatory effort (Page and Wong, 2000).
Characteristics of Servant Leadership
Servant leadership is defined as “a leader whose primary purpose for leading is to serve others by investing in their development and well being for the benefit of accomplishing tasks or goals for the common good” (Page and Wong, 2000). In order to be a servant leader, one needs to develop and know their inner characteristics. It is the inner qualities of the person that determine the quality of his or her performance (Page and Wong, 2000). At the heart of these characteristics should be a genuine desire to serve others for the common good. These leaders will motivate foll...

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...cised by almost anyone but only a few seem to learn how to lead with a servant’s heart. (Conclusion)
The mindset of leadership is changing. Change is always a key in anything that needs to be fixed or repaired. In health, a patient makes changes in medications and lifestyle choices. As a nurse we must make a change to servant leadership. This change requires us to examine ourselves and see our inner characteristics and see are strengths. Servant leaders can have many characteristics that are either strong or weak. Each characteristic needs to be developed but first must come patience, humility, and selflessness. Without these three, a nurse will have a difficulty with the other changes that are needed. Leadership based on these three characteristics will lead to other characteristics and will also create unity, inspiration, and empowerment to others around.

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