Differences Between Liberal And Radical Feminism Essay

Differences Between Liberal And Radical Feminism Essay

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The combination of liberal and radical feminism is not one that often comes to the mind, but it can be useful to consult various viewpoints when tackling complex issues. Despite drastic differences between them, these two views of feminism do hold some similarities with each other by virtue of their common goal (when that goal is simplified to simply equality of the genders). In this paper I will be outlining some of the basic similarities and differences between these two ideologies of feminism and I may not cover all of the connections and gaps between the two for the sake of length. Moving forward from this explanation of liberal and radical feminism, I will use it to explain their views of pornography and how it aided my own understanding of this complex issue.
The similarities present between liberal and radical feminism are the types of similarities that should be reasonably expected between any separate views that aim to accomplish similar goals. They both accept the premise that women should be granted the same rights and privileges as men in all spheres, including the social, economic, and political fields. They both view the structure of our present society as being unfairly tipped to the side of males and that this must be drastically changed. On a more negative note, both of these views of feminism lack a strong intersectional component. Liberal and radical feminism both emerged during the second wave of feminism and focused on the oppression of women as a whole group by men as a whole group. This lacks an understanding of the role that race, socioeconomic class, and the status of an individual as transgender (radical feminism has been singularly criticized for this because of the production of what are known as TERFs...

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...media must be considered. I agree with liberal feminists that a woman is in control of her own body and that includes making the choice to be in a pornographic production. On the other hand, I also agree with the idea that radical feminists put forth that a majority of porn supports pervasive power structures, including the domination of women through sex and the idea that sex is for men’s pleasure. To combat this, I believe that porn should not be completely stopped or made illegal, but that it be produced and consumed by what are now being termed as “ethical” producers who aim to create storylines based on the pleasure of all parties involved. While this view goes against the opinion of pornography that liberal and radical feminism subscribe to, I could not have come to this personal understanding without engaging and synthesizing both of their views on the issue.

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