Differences Between Liberal And Fundamentalist Views Essay

Differences Between Liberal And Fundamentalist Views Essay

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If you are going to understand both liberal and fundamentalist views regarding how they interpret religious text it is important to start with a brief explanation of the bible. The bible is a collection of religious scriptures written by many different people of many different languages. Scriptures are written accounts of the Christian religion of both words spoken by god and other accounts of the Christian religion. In the versions we read today all of these scriptures have been translated in a way that we can make sense of it. This is the reason that many different versions of the bible are created, we cannot expect everyone to interpret scripture the same. Finally, the content of the bible is split into two sections. These two sections are the old and new testaments. To understand what these two sections mean we can start with the meaning of the word covenant, think of it as another word for contract. In the Old Testament God creates these covenants regarding his law and the expectation of people to follow it. Naturally as humans, these laws held less meaning over time and were broken, this is sin. Then in the New Testament god sends Jesus the messiah as the savior of the human race. He is sent to lead the human race in the light of god, but before he can do so he has to die for all of the sins committed. The Bible for people of the Christian faith is a tool used to guide the way people live their lives. The way someone lives their life has most if not all to do with their beliefs and how they put these beliefs into practice.
With the background of the bible you will be able to see how it plays an important role in the beliefs and practices of both liberal and fundamentalist viewpoints but it is important to share the centr...

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...ory of creation was one of the first conclusions humans came to when trying to answer the question of our universes existence. Then they look at what science has since discovered such as evolution and see it as a more reasonable explanation. The first thing people think when someone supports science is that they are denying God as creator. Liberal Christians do not deny the fact that god is responsible for our world they just believe that he did not create it how the bible says he did. The next difference in beliefs is in regards to non-heterosexual relationships. This is a good example of how Liberal Christians notice our changing society and adapts the bibles core values to it. They believe that genuine love should not be a sin whether it is between two men or two women. There is no reason to unacknowledged any form of marriage and love is love no matter the gender.

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