Differences Between Language And Language Essay

Differences Between Language And Language Essay

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Language can be seen or heard. It can be diverse or standard. Language has many uses, functions and meanings. It can be individual or social. Clark (1996, as cited by Hayes and Gee, 2011, p.6) states that language can be made up of a set of rules that enable us to speak grammatically, making language a cognitive phenomenon. Language is diverse; it can be written, spoken, symbolic and even physically felt with fingertips. Language can be heard: oral language has been present since the beginning of time, it is an innate feature of humans and animals. On the contrary, language can be seen: written language has been estimated present for the last 3000-8000 years (Sampson, 1990, as cited by Hayes and Gee, 2011, p.7). Although, written language is still not present in some cultures. This essay will firstly discuss the different roles that language can have in a child’s life. It will then discuss key aspects about language, such as the functional, contextual and dynamic purposes of language in further detail. This essay will then go on to explore the different variations in English. Here, ideas about the complexity of culture will be discussed and also the significant differences between Englishes.

Language is at the centre of everything: without Language we have nothing

The function of language in children

Any person can learn language. Language is the natural gift that each person is born with. Language has been present since the beginning of human existence. Over thousands of years, language has evolved and has many different functions and purposes. It is important for educators to understand the significant role that language plays amongst children. Without language, we have nothing. Language is at the centre of ev...

... middle of paper ...

...ruly central to any learning or living.


Overall, it is easy to say that language is at the centre of everything and without language we have nothing. For this reason, it is essential that educators understand the important role that language play among children. Language comes in many forms and serves many purposes. It is an innate feature that we are born with and is progressively developed throughout a lifetime. It is through learning, the surrounding environment and social interactions that our language skills can progress. Language can be used in many contexts, variations and dialects, so it is essential to teach children the rules of language in order to successfully communicate with others. Through language, children can investigate, explore, wonder, ask questions, make statements, communicate and learn about the incredible world around them.

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