Differences Between Language And Language Development Essay

Differences Between Language And Language Development Essay

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Language is used every day in life whether it’s written, through sign language, or spoken, and without the language concept it would be very hard to communicate with one another. Language is a key part in communication, and has been the main topic debated by many theorist and researchers. Over time there have been many theories developed about where language comes from and how it is developed. There have been many questions concerning language development, but the two main question are whether language is a natural born occurrence or if it is learned through reinforcement and teachings. One of these theories comes from a man named Noam Chomsky. Chomsky believed humans are biologically born being able to understand and learn language at a certain point and in a certain way. He also believed humans can detect certain features and rules of language as soon as birth (A Topical Approach to Life-Span Development, John W. Sandtrock, pg.307). Over time there have been researchers who have questioned Chomsky’s theory, and believe language can only be taught and learned and nothing more. I do not agree with Chomsky that humans are biologically born with the ability to communicate and understand language from birth. however, I do believe language is developed over a period of time, and factors such as how a caregiver interacts with an infant and the type of environment a child is raised in must be taken into account when it comes to language.
Communication between an infant and its caregiver plays a very important role in a child’s language development. Language development begins at an early age, but it has to be learned. A baby’s language may not be something that we understand, but as adults we eventually learn how to distinguished wha...

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... who are deaf or hard of hearing: The Role of Maternal Infant- Directed Speech, pg. 172). My nephew has a vocabulary of as little as thirty words when he should have a vocabulary of more than two hundred words. He is currently enrolled in language development classes to help him better develop his language skills and vocabulary. If a child isn’t in an environment where they’re not being interacted with and where a strong language system isn’t in place it will cause a delay in their language development.
Language development has everything to do with environment and how a child is exposed to language. Humans are not born knowing language and grammar usage, but are taught over a period of time. We must take into account how environment can effect a child’s language development, and how important it is to expose children from an early age to a strong language system.

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