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Differences Between Korean And English Essays

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According to one article, over the past two decades, countries in the world have become more and more interdependent, and new technologies have erased many existing borders. As boundaries between countries are dissolved, foreign language instruction has become more necessary than ever for linking with the rest of the world and for producing an enlightened citizenship able to function in today’s ever-shrinking world. (Morris, http://www.learnnc.org/lp/pages/759) For the people who are learning any other languages, before start to study, it is obviously important that knowing differences between two languages, their own language and others. The purpose of this article is to explore differences between Korean and English. And then, it will be able to help both of people who are Koreans, studying English, and the native speakers of English, studying a Korean. There are three differences what make people confused.

First of all, it is one of the big differences between Korean and English that the verb comes at the end of sentences in Korean, whereas the verb comes at the beginning of sentences in English. This rule often makes people confused whenever they translate in their brains. While the structure order of English is “subject + verb + object”, the structure order of Korean is “subject + object”. For instance, unlike with English, students assignment do in Korea. Hence, there is a saying in Korea that “people need to listen until the end of the sentences.” This means people never know if the speaker is talking about past, present, future, positive or negative until the speaker finished her or his speech. On the other hand, people can know who and what the speaker does, unless people listen to the whole sentence.

Second of all, un...

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...ffect the education system in India. So, unless and until we translate these books into various regional languages, it will affect education. But this work is very hard and time-consuming indeed”(Aditi Chopra, 2015) As a person who was born in Korea, now living in a society which emphasizes the importance of English, while searching for the sources of this essay, there were lots of interesting differences between Korean and English. learning another language is difficult for various reasons. Indeed, before start to learn to another language, explore differences between one’s own language and the other. Even if someone knows all the grammar, which he or she is learning, it is hard to communicate with people using another language. It is not only structural differences but also cultural difference. By knowing those things, all the learners can be more comfortable with

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