The Differences Between Internet Usage Essay

The Differences Between Internet Usage Essay

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The internet has, overtime, become a more apparent and easily accessible tool in our society. Its uses range from communication and recreation to business and educational tools. This folio will be investigating the differences between internet usage in Australian students in 2006 and 2013, and whether the usage patterns have changed drastically or remained similar. The annual CensusAtSchool survey created by the Australian Bureau of Statistics will be utilised to compare a random sample of students from 2013 with the results from students in 2006 and compare whether the usage patterns have changed or not. A range of statistical tools such as hypothesis testing and confidence intervals will be used to compare the two different years and to determine how similar or dissimilar the usage patterns are. By doing this, the usage patterns of the internet by students can be determined and the most popular services on the internet can be revealed in comparison to the 2006 usage patterns.

The resources needed for this investigation include a TI-84 Plus calculator, the CensusAtSchool website, Microsoft Excel and a pencil and paper. The calculator was used to determine the confidence intervals and hypothesis testing for each category, and was also used when calculating the z score and p value manually. The CensusAtSchool website was used to collect a sample of results from 2013 to compare with the 2006 results, and the program Excel was used to create graphs and tables which help in the comparison of the two different data sets. The pencil and paper was used to calculate the z score and p value manually.

1. Navigate to the CensusAtSchool website and click on the random sampler.
2. Choose the year 2013, a sam...

... middle of paper ...

...ale students might prefer to use the internet for different reasons when compared to female students.

If the results are to be accepted, saying that for most of the categories the internet usage patterns have changed for students in 2013 when compared to 2006, a few assumptions must first be made. Firstly, it must be assumed that the data samples from both years are representative of the population of students in regards to age and gender, and that the sizes of the samples are large enough for the Central Limit Theorem to apply. It must also be assumed that the students answered honestly to the questions so that the data obtained can include reliable results. If these assumptions are made and these limitations are taken into account, then it can be reasonable to say that for the majority of the categories, the internet usage patterns have changed from 2006 to 2013.

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