Differences Between Culture And Gender Perception Essay

Differences Between Culture And Gender Perception Essay

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The differences in culture and gender perception were evident in the AccountBack environment. Social standards have expansive influence in the mechanics and interpersonal connections of the AccountBack work environment. For Fred Wu and Wendy Peterson, when growing up in a specific culture, norms of behavior are taken for granted. Responses, inclination, and sentiments don’t have to be considered or explained. Additionally, when venturing into a remote society abruptly things appear changed.

Utilizing Hofstede 's cultural dimensions as a point of reference, one can assess their methodology, their choices, and activities focused around a general feeling of how society may think and respond. Hofstede was instrumental in breaking down culture into four dimensions: Power Distance- the level of imbalance that exists and is acknowledged among individuals with and without force, Uncertainty Avoidance- the level of tension that society parts feel when in indeterminate or obscure circumstances, Individualism-Collectivism- the quality of the binds individuals need to others inside the group and Masculinity-Femininity how much a society sticks with, and values, traditional male and female roles (Ibarra, p1-3).

When focusing on the Masculinity-Feminity cultural dimension, managing subordinates of a different gender, different cultural backgrounds and working styles from your own is very hard because it makes managerial decisions subjective. In the Wendy Peterson case, Peterson did not “click” with Wu on a personal level (Hill, Zalosh p.5), finding it difficult to read him posed a challenge that she was willing to deal with in order to leverage his standing relationships within the Chinese business community. She had a tendency to assess W...

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... think they are. When Wendy Peterson was involved in the hiring process, like many interviewers she found herself drawn to people who she thought possessed traits and personalities like hers. It’s human nature to easily connect with people who are like us. After all, if you’ve been successful, it seems logical to recruit people with similar successful qualities. AccountBack needs to have a balance of personalities and cultures. Fred and Wendy need to come to an understanding of the source of their conflict which is a gap in communication and understand each other 's intentions before selecting a strategy to resolve their conflict. They can achieve this by, compromising with each other, accommodate each other 's expectations and collaborate to achieve their common goal of strengthening their relationship which ultimately will have an impact on the office overall.

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